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Wednesday, February 20, 2019 | By: NUHS Team

Unique Panels Give Florida Site Students an Extra Edge

Chiropractic Medicine | NUHS Florida

You never know what might happen during lunch at National University of Health Sciences’ Florida site when much of the student body and faculty come together for unique panel presentations.

The panels are offered outside classroom and lab work, and are designed to help students connect the different phases of their education. For example, a recent panel which focused on the ear reviewed inner ear anatomy, the pathology of otitis media and inner ear examination procedures, and ended with a summary of treatment protocols for common ear ailments. Panel topics range from radiology, orthopedic assessment, and nutritional approaches to disc injury management, to rehabilitation approaches such as ankle strapping and functional kinesiotaping.

Panel presentations are just one of the distinctive opportunities available to NUHS ̶ Florida students. With its low student to faculty ratio and numerous partnerships, students can take advantage of a variety of interdisciplinary learning experiences with nursing, EMS, athletic programs and local organizations. Students also have options for unique clinical preceptorships and rotations serving veterans, those with mental health issues, and spinal surgery patients. NUHS’ participation in the University Partnership Center (UPC) at St. Petersburg College gives students access to facilities at nine campuses in the area, including four wellness centers and eight libraries.

But the panels are one of the most popular offerings, drawing about 75 percent of the student body each trimester. “We hope that exposing students to a variety of perspectives and expertise on a specific subject will inspire them and ignite their curiosity,” said Dean of the College of Professional Studies – Florida Daniel Strauss, DC.

Students also gain an advantage from the experience of the NUHS professors who are not only in local practice, but also have practiced in countries including India, those in the European Union and former member states of the Eastern-bloc.

NUHS Florida Lunch Panel 2.19

Students say that the panels are valuable as a source of tools that can be used for patient engagement. The combined approach gives students a broad perspective on where they are heading in their education. Lower trimester students look forward to the time when they will be taught basic evaluation and management protocols – among the reasons they enroll at NUHS.

The panels give chiropractic medicine students at all phases of their education the unusual opportunity to interact with each other and teams of instructors in a way that helps students to see the connection between the early, fact-based curriculum and the deductive, diagnostic approaches required later in the program, explained Steven Freeman, DC, chair of the Department of Clinical Sciences. “We are always looking for ways to enhance student learning,” he added.

If you are looking for a low student to faculty experience and a highly personalized learning environment in a unique educational setting, NUHS’ Florida site is for you. To learn more about National University’s doctor of chiropractic program, download our free Career Guide or check out our Chiropractic Medicine Student Blog.

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