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Melissa Manilla

Melissa Manilla is a doctor of chiropractic (DC) student entering her seventh trimester at National University of Health Sciences. She grew up in Cleveland and earned her bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University where she majored in human nutrition and minored in exercise science. When she graduates from National University, she plans to work first as an associate before opening her own practice in the Cleveland area.

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What I Want You to Know About My Decision to Go to Grad School for Alternative Medicine

My decision to go into the healthcare field was simple: I wanted to help people. The real challenge, however, was narrowing down the many career options into the one that aligned best with my interests.

As I considered a career in health care, I took the time to learn about the future of the industry. I learned about the demand for complementary and alternative medicine was increasing and that, because of this demand, more alternative medicine practitioners could be found working alongside MDs in hospitals, clinics, education, and research. Encouraged by this, I also considered other aspects of becoming a natural health care practitioner.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017