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Oct 25, 2019 8:45:00 AM | By: Belinda Smith

World Spine Day, CAM Day, and an Antique Doctor Bag!

Naturopathic Medicine

It has been an eventful couple of weeks.  While in the middle of midterms, our campus had a few big events.  I’ll start with World Spine Day. The Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA) hosted an event during lunch that had different carnival type games, such as pin the sacrum on the spine, and limbo with a skeletal leg.  Functional Neuro Club tested the cerebellum.  It was really fun, and they had prizes as well.  Each student received a ticket for the raffle every time they participated in one of the games.

world spine day

We also had our annual CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) Day on campus.  This event is a fundraiser for SACA, but everyone gets very excited about it.  A bunch of vendors come in to tell us about their products and services.  They also give away a lot of free stuff.  I think I had an entire post about it last year.


In our Traditional World Medicine class, Dr. Smith brought in a medical bag from a traveling doctor in the early 1900’s.  It was fascinating!  It even had some old prescriptions in there.  I can’t imagine practicing medicine in that time period.  The experience has made me think about what I would include in my medical bag if I were a traveling doctor today.  I would definitely have a handful of homeopathic remedies, botanicals, and everything else that comes in our doctor bag at white coat ceremony.  I don’t think I have ever posted about the doctor bag we get, so I will make an entire post on that soon.

Traditional World Medicine Class Antique Doctor-Bag


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