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Feb 5, 2021 8:15:00 AM | By: Belinda Smith

I Love It When It Snows On Campus!

I love it when it snows on campus! And I love living on campus!

We have gotten a fair amount of snow recently, and campus is so beautiful when it is covered in fresh white snow. Over the weekend, it snowed quite a bit. I enjoyed being able to relax, and study while it fell outside of my window. I know I have said this a lot recently, but I am really trying to take it all in! My first 2 winters here I was not a fan of the cold, or the snow for that matter! However, knowing this is my last winter in Lombard, I am trying to enjoy the crisp air, and the beauty of the snow.

Snowy Janse Hall

This is a snowman someone built over the weekend, and I thought it was so cute! I don’t know who built it, but I am glad they built it in a location that we all get to enjoy.

Snowman B

I thought I would actually take a moment to talk about the diversity of students living on campus. Some students are fresh out of Undergrad, while others, like me, had been out of school for a while before coming to National. There are married couples, as well as families with kids who live on campus. There are also a lot of pets that live on campus! I have lived on campus my entire time here at National University, and have absolutely loved it! The convenience is unparalleled, especially on snowy days. I never have to worry about digging my car out, or the condition of the main roads. I know I will always make it to class on time.

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