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Apr 16, 2021 8:15:00 AM | By: Belinda Smith

Garden Project on Campus

This is a photo (courtesy of Dr. Sorensen) of Pulsatilla from the campus garden. We have a garden right next to the clinic, and it is awesome to get to see some of the plants, and other herbs that we are learning about in class out in nature. I loved seeing this, as I have prescribed Pulsatilla in homeopathic form many times. I have never prescribed it botanically, mostly due to the fact that it is a low dose herb, and we do not use many of those at the student clinic.


The coolest part about the garden project is getting to learn from other students, and faculty members. Dr. Lorinda Sorensen teaches a number of courses, including some of the Botanical Medicine courses. Seeing her at work in the garden provides an unparalleled learning experience.


This opportunity also provides students with an opportunity to obtain CCLs, also known as Co-curricular Learning credit. We need 10 to graduate, and sometimes they are difficult to fit into our busy schedules. Being able to get some of that credit without leaving campus is awesome!

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