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Jul 20, 2018 8:15:00 AM | By: Mary Simon


Hello from California! I'm in Oakland right now visiting my sister and observing naturopathic doctors in the Bay Area. I'm scheduled to be with three naturopathic doctors over a period of two weeks.

N Calif Coast

Last week Thursday and Friday I was with Dr. Devin Wilson at Born Naturopathic Associates in Alameda. He prescribes and administers nutritional IVs as one of his top healing modalities. It was great to see this therapy, because we are unable to give IVs in the NUHS clinic, as Illinois is a pre-licensed state for naturopathic medicine. Although IVs are higher on the therapeutic order, they are the fastest way to boost nutrient levels, and patients usually experience rapid effects.

Later this week I'll observe Dr. Elizabeth Korza at Tara Natural Medicine in Piedmont, and next week Dr. Claire Glaser at San Francisco Natural Medicine; both of them have expertise in women's health and endocrinology.

I not only came to California for clinical observation, but also to visit my sister, with whom my daughter Jade and I are staying for two weeks. My mom also came with us to help with Jade while my sister and I are working. It's been nice for all of us to spend quality time together, and I'm blessed with all their help taking care of Jade.

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