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Jul 17, 2020 8:15:00 AM | By: Belinda Smith

Back On Campus for Labs & Clinic

We returned to campus this week for in-person face-to-face labs and clinic internships. It was exciting to be back, and to see some of my classmates (from a physical distance). I had my first official shift as a hydro intern which was pretty exciting.

July 17 Photo A

It seems so silly, but as an intern, you put a tag on the door so that the clinicians and other interns know where you are. I was pretty excited to have my name on a door. It made me grateful to be back, grateful to be wrapping up my third year, and thankful to finally be entering the internship phase of my education! I graduate next August, and I think this next year is going to fly by! I truly think I am going to blink, and it will all be over.


We still have a lot of Zoom calls each week, since our lectures are still online, in addition to in-person labs and clinic shifts. I did my hair for my first day in the clinic, and thankfully it looked great for my Zoom call. Unfortunately, the walk to the clinic from my on-campus apartment ruined my hair due to the humidity. At least I have photographic proof that I tried to do my hair and look presentable! Plus, I saw a rainbow on campus one day this week, which is always super fun!

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