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Flat Tires, Board Exams, and Mid-Terms!

From Standardized Patient Ecounters to Real Patient Encounters

We had an entire month off for winter break!

Thanksgiving Break was AWESOME...Now It's Time to Grind for Final Exams

Traditional Gratitude Post for Thanksgiving

Snow on Halloween and a plug for Campus Visit Day

World Spine Day, CAM Day, and an Antique Doctor Bag!

Naturopathic Medicine Week 2019

Living on Campus is AWESOME!

Break is over, time to get back to work!

Week 14 Isn’t As Bad Without Anatomy Practical Exams!

Phase I. is Done...Almost!

Learning New Techniques and Happy Birthday America!

What a Weekend!

Taking Advantage of Every Opportunity Possible

Second Year Isn't So Bad

Post Break and Finishing Anatomy

Week 14 is the worst…but we can still squeeze in some fun!

March in Chicago

Anatomy Lab

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

Dreaded Week 6 Midterms

Brr, it is cold outside!

We survived our first year!

Family, Cancelled Flights (and Classes) & Finals! Oh my!

Super Thankful!

Goodbyes, Exams, and New Toys!

Naturopathic Medicine Week Victory, White Coat Ceremony & Midterms

CAM Day and Naturopathic Medicine Week!

Important Study Reminder: Always Remember to Take Time for Yourself

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Hello, National University!


Busy, Busy


Drumming Circle & 10th Tri Dinner

Clinical Observation

Salvation Army Clinical Rotation

Trimester 10 Grand Rounds - Endometriosis

Clean Air

The Process of Healing

Health Problems Caused by Tongue Tie in Adults

Seasonal Allergies

Grand Rounds: Gemmotherapy

The Learning Curve

Supporting Lactation Naturally

The Hardest Part of Motherhood

Snow Day!

Grand Rounds: Headaches and Homeopathy

Minor Surgery

Food-Based Medicine

Happy New Year!

Jingle Bell Jubilee

Recognition and Praise: Facilities and Grounds Staff

Thanksgiving 2017

Grand Rounds

‘Just One Drop’ Documentary

20-Minute Head-to-Toe Physical Exam

Soup Season!

Thyroid Health

Nasal Release Technique

Shedd Aquarium

The Art of Medicine

Clinic Internship


Natural Childbirth

Due Date is Days Away

The Secret Ingredient

Lyme Disease

Fourth of July Weekend

Homecoming 2017

Forest Bathing

My Morning Smoothie

Stinging Nettle for Healing Injuries

8 Classes I'm Taking

Spring Break Recap

Naturopathy vs. Homeopathy

Clinic Hydrotherapy Services

Exciting Announcement

SIBO Conference Review

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis

Blood Chemistry

Naturopaths Can Do Pap Smears?


Wonderful Weather

Nourishing Bone Broth

Botanical Medicine

Applied Kinesiology

The Most Misunderstood Nutrient

Continuing the Journey to Clinic

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Lima, Peru

Campus Housing

Hydrotherapy Contrast Shower

Whole Detox Presentation

Prairie Food Co-op Pressure Canning Class

Midterm Season Is Here

A Pumpkinless Fall

Brain Health

One Break, Two Weeks, Three Cities

Study, Study, Study

Dry Skin Brushing

Mid-Summer Reflection

Community Supported Agriculture

Summer is in Full Swing

My First Batch of Kombucha

Fun-Filled Four-Day Weekend

Nasosympatico for Sinusitis

Au Revoir, Montreal!

Bonjour de Montreal!

Hydrotherapy for Headaches

Welcome to My Very First Blog Post!

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