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May 22, 2020 8:00:00 AM | By: Belinda Smith

A New Trimester & A New Way of Learning and Teaching

Illinois is still under a stay-at-home order due to COVID-19. Therefore, all courses continue to be done through online/distance learning. The current plan is to be back in person for face-to-face labs July 13. I decided to spend this time doing distance learning in Maryland. I am staying with my sister so I can help with her crazy little ones (and let me tell you, I am absolutely loving every second of the insanity)! The down side to staying at my sister’s is that I can’t see my parents who are only five minutes away. We are practicing strict social distancing to help keep our loved ones safe. My sister is an essential worker, and must work out of the home, so it is best for us to all keep our distance from those outside the home. 

Taking 30.5 credits (37.5 if you include the 2 courses I am auditing this trimester) in a house with 2 little ones (who are also stuck doing distance learning for Kindergarten and 1st Grade) has definitely been a new experience. Between my school work and their homework, we definitely have our hands full! The irony is that I somehow managed to make Dean’s List last trimester in Medical School, and yet have unfortunately failed one of my niece’s Kindergarten assignments that I helped her with (which needed to be resubmitted, and we passed the resubmission). Kindergarten math is no joke! My family sure is getting a big kick out of that.

One Lily is loving having another dog to play with. Joey is my sister’s Golden Retriever. The down side for me is that instead of having my 40 lb. dog on my lap while I study, now both dogs want to be in my lap. Come on dogs, I still need room for my computer! They are lucky they are so cute! Lily also loves sleeping with my nephew, or sleeping on his face would be a better description of it. I am thankful for the break it is giving me! It gets exhausting pushing her off my face all the time.


In between all of the studying we are trying to find things to do around the house (and outside) to keep the kids entertained that don’t involve staring at screens. One night involved jumping off a chair with a broom between their legs, and trying to time the picture just right to make it look like they are flying on a broom stick. We were able to get a couple fun shots thanks to burst mode on the iPhone. Enjoy!

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