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Nov 2, 2020 8:45:24 AM | By: Rameda Lee

Chiropractic Health Month

The month of October is nationally recognized as Chiropractic Health Month and on October 16, spinal health is recognized globally via World Spine Day. The latter was started in 2012 by the World Federation of Chiropractic and this year’s theme, “Back on Track”, seeks to “highlight the importance of exercise, posture, movement and good self-care to ensure a healthy spine”, particularly in this era of COVID-19.

With many finding that life has become unusually sedentary (myself included), the theme of this year’s National Chiropractic Health Month, “Active and Adaptive” is being promoted by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) in order to educate the public on preventive strategies that can help reduce the risk of pain symptoms and encourage musculoskeletal health as the pandemic waxes on. So, as we all continue to adapt to this current reality that has us sitting more and moving less, it is important to remember to find new ways to stay active, remain healthy, and lower the risks of developing back and other joint pain.

Courtyard Pics-1

One way that student life and staying active that has not been significantly impacted by COVID-19 is the ability to walk outdoors on the NUHS, Lombard, IL campus. Many of the benefits of walking are well known (increasing heart rate and thereby, improving blood flow; boosting immunity; reducing joint pain, etc.) and walking on campus is a great way to boost one’s mood, especially because the campus is a lovely one and particularly so, at this time of year!

RLL Blog 3  Pic - Lake Janse

So, after I have been sitting and studying for written exams and practicals for at least a couple of hours, I remember to take a break, for the overall health of my body, spine, joints, and mind and walk around Lake Janse, to discover the beauty of the season and of the NUHS campus.

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