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Ethnic Cooking With Dietary Restrictions

Tri 9 and Feeling Fine!

My Winter Wrap Up

So much to be thankful for

Thoughts on Business

Supplemental Learning

Pumpkin Pie in a Pumpkin


Hooray for Phase 3!

How Many Chiropractors Does It Take to Build a Room Full of IKEA Furniture?

Crop Share

Home Stretch

Listening and Learning

Pride Month

Lunching and Learning


Goat Hugging Study Breaks

Self-care Week is Here!

Catching Up With Life


Continuing Education Seminars - Don't Miss Out!

Snow Day(s)

The Alumni Association and Job Shadowing

Hooray for Finals!

Gratitude & Thanksgiving

A Hectic Holiday Weekend

Reconnecting With Friends & Family

Doctor Shadowing

A Trip to the Midwest Acupuncture Symposium

Learning for the Fun of it

Trimester Break is on the Horizon

NUHS Community Outreach

Week 10

Chicago Summer

Adventures in a Baking Garden

Finding Motivation

Clinic Internship

Studying, Secret Breakfast, and an Exciting Speaker

Passing the Torch

Adventures in Allergen-Free Baking

Spring is here

The Blur

Wow, I have come so far! + My Campus Visit Day Experience

Integrate Chicago 2018

The Chinese New Year Dinner

Snow Day!

Midterms, Mom-guilt, and the Moon

Mixing It Up at the Tri Mixer

Part 1 Boards

New Tri, New Phase, New Year

New Blogger Introdution: Sarah Montesa

Swan Song

Job Searching


Part IV (Part Two)

Part IV (Part One)

Wait! There's More...Part IV Boards

Boards: 2, 3, and PT

Soup, Bikes, and Backpacks

Forestalling the Flu

Planning for the Future

Procrastination Perfection

The Power of Community

The End of Finals

Common Misconceptions

Patient Education

The Academic Afterlife

Community Outreach

Sentinels for the Ages

Magic Rays

Standard Process Supplements

A Conundrum of Esoterica


Ribbon Classes

Salvation Army and Internship

Don't Miss the Trees for the Forest

Leaving the Academic Nest

The Power of Fascia

Navigating the Financial Minefield of Higher Education

Clinic Placement and Friendship

Empathy, Not Intellect

An International Profession

On Building a Practice

Solace for Sensitive Exams

Reasons to Celebrate

Full Track or Flex

A Cabin Perspective

Honing Our Skills

The Folly of Break: An Ironic Satire

Being Present for Future Success

Searching for Answers

Friendsgiving Extravaganza

My Haven from Election Madness

The Man, The Myth

World Series and Halloween

A Body in Motion Stays in Motion

A Tool to Actualize Your Dreams

Why Chiropractic Instead of Physical Therapy?

How CCE Accreditation Standards Affect Us All

Board Examinations: Part One

The Dawn of Trimester Six

Questions and Putting It All Together

Dysbiosis: By Exams, For Exams

Aerial Yoga "Beets" Injury

Students Balancing Life

Exams: Strengths, Weaknesses, and What it Means for the Student

Blank Pages and Independence Day

Biomechanics, Soft Tissue, and Bob Dylan

Homecoming and Midterms

Polling and Proselytizing by Uber

Today's Truths are Tomorrow's Myths

The Art of Adult-ing

Zebras, Ulcers, and Clinical Sciences

Complacency Kills

Changing Seasons and Focus

Climbing the Ladder

Good Food and Community Outreach

The Black Ties for White Coats

St. Patty's Day and the Green River

Excitement for the Frontier

An Impromptu Trip

Seminars, Decisions, and Scope of Practice

The Breath of Friendship

Time to Manage and Adventures to Have

Coffee, Libraries, and Midterms

The Versatility of Our Profession

Introductions and Reunions

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