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Jul 17, 2020 8:30:00 PM | By: Addison Ozakyol

Clinic is OPEN, Friend Visit and a Surprise

The day has finally come, we are opening our clinic back up! The last two weeks have been fairly busy wrapping up some of the preparations for returning to in-person clinic, but we made it. For right now, all first patient encounters – be they new patients or returning patients for their re-evaluation visits–have been taking place via telehealth, so that we can limit the amount of time needed to re-establish our patients as well as reduce the number of people coming in and out of clinic.

Photo 1-3

Thus far, the system has worked pretty well! We still have a reduced patient load and are actively working to bring our patients back into the office, but it simply feels good to be seeing patients in person again! I am very excited for the remaining weeks of this trimester to be able to hone my skills and help my patients get better. I am also looking forward to giving you all some updates as we iron out our routines and the changes that have been made as a result of this pandemic.

Photo D

This last weekend was a very nice one as I was lucky to have one of my best friends visit for a quick trip before clinic started back up. Having not seen each other in almost five years, we were long overdue for a reunion! It was certainly too quick of a visit and I hope to see her again soon.

Double Pix

Because of COVID-19 related restrictions, we limited ourselves to outdoor activities and exploring with our masks on. In doing so we actually discovered that the new St. Pete Pier is finally open (it’s been under construction the whole time I’ve lived here ~ 3 years). The following day we enjoyed Indian Rocks Beach and took a quick trip to walk around Tarpon Springs for a little while.  

Now that you readers have made it to the end of my post, you are probably wondering what the surprise is that I mentioned in the title. Well, Part 2 Board results came in a day early and I passed! I was very pleased to see that I did better than I expected and am super relieved that it is done. As a reward I will enjoy relaxing in my free time over the next couple of days, but it is already time to start studying for the next big exam. The grind never stops!

As always, if you have any questions, please email me at addisonozakyol@student.nuhs.edu.

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