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A Busy Couple of Weeks

A Busy Start to the Tri

STOP...Clinic Time!

The End of 2019

ChiroGames 2019

November Already?!

Sports Council Miami

Bye-Bye Week 5!

A Super Fun Weekend!

Summer Break 2019

Wrapping up Tri 6

The Last Bit of Pre-Finals Fun

Happy July 4th!

Week Eight Already?

Post Exam Week

Clubs Off to a Good Start

The Start of Tri 6

Trimester Wrap-up

Quoted at World Federation of Chiropractic

Festival Fun!

I Passed Part 1 Boards!!!

Sports Chiropractic at NUHS – Florida

Gasparilla 2019

Winter Break 2018

Phase One Complete…Almost!

10th Annual Turkey Bowl

Chiro Games 2018

Halloween Festivities

2018 Thomas Hyde Research Poster Competition

What happened to September?

FCA Convention: The National!

It's the Final Countdown

The Calm Before the Storm

Club Activities

Homecoming Weekend + Guest Speakers

Enjoying the Florida Heat

First Sports Council and a Run

Getting Started + Brother’s Visit

Hello, NUHS!

Introduction: Addison Ozakyol, Doctor of Chiropractic Student

Graduation April 2018, Thank You National University!

Interviews, Offers, Expectations: Was it worth it?

“The Most Expensive Chiropractic School” and the Museum of Fine Arts

National Public Health Week and Medieval Times

Erchonia Laser Presentation

Functional Soft Tissue Featuring FAKTR: Round Two!

My Birthday & Bonefrog Obstacle Race: Team NUHS Adjusters

President’s Day was a Beach Day

Wine Tasting by the Beach in February

Activator Seminar in Orlando

My First Interview and a Trip to Washington D.C.

Great News, Good Things to Come

Clinical Internship III

St. Pete Run Fest and the End of Trimester Nine

Thanksgiving in New Jersey

Turkey Bowl 2017

Part IV Boards

My Last Chirogames

Rowdies Playoffs and a Chance to Regroup

My Friend's Wedding and Boards

Part III and Physical Therapy Boards

Outreach in Clinic

The Tri Mixer Fall 2017

Riverwalk, Tampa Museum of Art, and Dealing with Patient Interactions

Hurricane Irma!

Finished with Classes; Starting Clinic Full Time

The End of Trimester 8

Guest Speaker and Visit from My Sister

Preparing for Boards and Finishing our PICO Presentations

Exams and Clinical Natural Medicine Presentation

Personal Injury, PICO, and Patient Cases

Whiplash Injury: Biomechanics and Traumatology

Lunch and Learn with the NUHS Faculty

Staying Involved with Sports Council

Functional Taping for Musculoskeletal Injuries

Radiology Report Writing and the Chiropractic Radiologist

Theories Provoked by Dermatology Class

Shooting Our First X-Rays

Phase Three Begins: First Week as an Intern

The End of Trimester 7

Complementary and Alternative Medicine to Treat My Strep Infection

Infectious Disease. Is it the Seed or the Soil?

Impact Spinal Health 2017

A Lot Going on in Week 10

Functional Soft Tissue Featuring FAKTR

Physiotherapeutic Modalities

Cupping, Pedal Pub, and President's Day

Botanical Medicine, Case Studies, and My 25th Birthday

Spine Boarding and First Patient Encounter

First Sports Council Meeting

New Trimester, Same Feelings

The Beginning of Trimester 7

Diagnostic Ultrasound, Volleyball Tournament, and SACA Fundraiser

Thanksgiving Break

The 8th Annual Turkey Bowl

Pharmacology Exam and Ribfest

Chiropractic Games 2016

Booth Projects and Skeletal Tumors Exam

NBCE Part I Exam

Hurricane Season and Sports Chiropractor of the Year

Musculoskeletal Presentations and Trip to the Zoo

Audiometry, Core Stabilization, and Beach Volleyball

Functional Rehab, Tri Mixer, and the Museum of Fine Arts

Lab Diagnosis and Phlebotomy

Florida Chiropractic Association's National Convention

Blink-182 and Reflecting on Trimester Five

Extremities Presentation and Clearwater Aquarium

Functional Taping, Make Up Exams, and Concert in Downtown

Fractured Jaw Part 3 - What the Patient Can Do to Help

Fractured Jaw Part Two - What to Avoid

Fractured Mandible Turned into an Anatomy Review

Midterms in Radiology and Extremities

Marketing Presentations

Diabetic Retinopathy and Guest Speaker in SACA

Cardio Exam, Motion Palpation Club, and the Dali Museum

Biomechanics of Running and St. Pete Beach

Club Lunch and Art Exhibit

The End of Phase 1 and the Start of Phase 2

Chiro Games Fundraiser and Functional Rehab Seminar

Range of Motion and Rowdies Opening Day

Baseball in Tampa and Orthopedic Tests

Dr. Bain of the Tampa Bay Lightning

Victors of the Fire Truck Pull

Electrocardiogram Lab

National Chiropractic Leadership Conference

Midterms and My Birthday

OptoJump and OptoGait

Protein PowerPoint, Tri-Mixer, and Super Bowl

Club Lunch Day, Mopal, and Spirometry Lab

Week 2: Diet and Nutrition Quiz

Happy New Year!

The End of Trimester 3

A Time to Be Thankful

Turkey Bowl

Veteran's Day

Motion Palpation Club Fundraiser and Sports Rehab Meeting

Chiropractic Games 2015

SACA Fundraiser and Practicing for Practical Exam


Guest Speaker in Week 5

Sports Council Holds First Meeting

Club Meetings and Tri Mixer

Off to a Good Start

Back for Trimester 3

Chiro Games Fundraiser and Beach Cleanup

Balance Brunch

Where Did the Time Go?

Week 10

A Week Without Exams

Fourth of July Weekend

Another Busy Week

Starting a New Club Is Actually a Lot of Work

Week Five - Most Difficult

Fourth Week

A Break in the Routine

My second week has been VERY busy

Back to School

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