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Aug 6, 2013 8:04:00 AM | By: Debra Cascio

Bureau of Labor Stats on Careers with Biological Science Degree

A biomedical science degree falls in the category of biological science degrees. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a website with a wealth of career outlook information for those with biological science degrees. On www.bls.gov you'll find several career categories in biomedical science, a job outlook for each profession, average salary information, descriptions of each career as well as necessary educational requirements.

For example, on www.bls.gov, you can explore biological science careers, such as:

Or you can search on the site for any term you like to find other science related careers and salary information.


The good news is that between 2008 and 2018, the demand for biochemists should increase by 37%, and demand for microbiologists by 12%. All other biological scientists should see an increase in job growth of 19%. 

Many biomedical science degree graduates from National University of Health Sciences go on to earn an advanced or professional degree in health care. The great news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is that the health care sector will continue to grow between now and 2020.

Learn more about finishing your bachelor's degree in biomedical science so that you can take advantage of the great momentum these statistics point to for those in science and health care careers.

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