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Aug 7, 2020 8:00:00 AM | By: Danielle Pureifory

Pushing Through

This week has been busy for me! I’ve started preparing for the upcoming cumulative exams, and all weekend I’ve been attending this continuing education class to keep my EMT license active. As a visual learner I am always looking for a way to enhance my understanding, and for one of my classes I had to think outside the box.


In my microsystems and advanced acupuncture class we are working on learning another set of scalp acupuncture points. In TCM the scalp, foot, hand, and ear each have their own acupunctural microsystems, linked to areas across the entire body. You treat many of the same conditions as you would in the traditional acupuncture system, but the scalp is especially good for treating various types of aphasia, dysphagia, pain conditions, motor and sensory impairment and nervous system conditions.


Talking Heads


I found it somewhat challenging to learn the different areas by just looking at the notes. So, I went down to my local beauty supply store and purchased a Styrofoam wig head, this way I could map out all the areas and see how the different regions relate to each other. Online learning can be harrowing at times, but as a student you have to push through, get creative and figure out how to make things work for you!

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