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Sep 25, 2020 8:00:00 AM | By: Danielle Pureifory

Finding My Rhythm

This year, as strange as it has been, has really flown by, I’ve completed another trimester! Over the trimester break I was deep in a trade agreement with the various birds that frequent my yard: I brought out the cracked corn and they would leave feathers as payment. It was an exchange I thoroughly enjoyed.

feather (1)

The first few weeks of the trimester is always a busy time for me; organizing my binders, writing out my calendars and planner, filling in assignments, meetings and presentations. Student tip: If you're deciding between enrolling in two classes, I like to sign up for both, attend the first day and decide which one to keep. I honestly never truly feel settled into the new trimester until about the third week, at that point I’ve finally gotten into the new rhythm of things. It feels strange to walk on campus and not see anyone, when I was headed to the mailroom, I looked at the courtyard across from Janse and it was empty.

We had an AOM clinic meeting a few days ago, and it was so nice to see everyone, we had a couple minutes to commiserate and catch up on how things were before running to class. For obvious reasons the patient numbers are down due to the pandemic, but I’m hopeful that by next year the numbers will return to normal.

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