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Let's Take a Ride and Commit

New Year's Resolution

The Journey


What Will You Be When You Grow Up?

Be in the "Now"–It’s a great place to be!

Week 5

The Countdown Begins

If I Could Turn Back Time, Would I?

Doula, Daughter, Student

Truly Grateful and Just Keep Swimming!

In the Middle of a Hurricane

The Pursuit of Happiness

One-third of the Way There and Counting

What is your journey?

The Last Stretch

Who is Your Superhero?

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend in Chicago

Of Milestones & Motherly Support: My Training As a Doula

Mapping the Weather & Weekend Road Trip

Brrr...Baby, it's COLD outside!


Continuing the Journey

In Thanks of Support

Meet Me in the Media!

Reflecting the Truth

The Blur That Finally Stopped

Just smile

Hats off and Breathe!

Promise made, promise kept

Veni, Vidi, Vici

22 Days Until Graduation

One Weekend in Denver

Lost in Time and Space

Outreach Hours and Weekend Classes

Heat Wave

Last Round in the Ring: AKA Last Trimester

Time Travelling

Senior Exam

Weight Loss Journey

One year since my trip to Japan

Marathon Studying

2018 Center for Education and Development of Clinical Homeopathy (CEDH) Dinner

Integration of Herbal Medicine

Chinese New Year 2018

Winter Bliss

Two Weekends of Functional Medicine

What It's Like Being a Student Blogger

A Night at the Movies

Waiting for the spring

Plans for 2018

Registration Time


14 Hours in Istanbul

Another Challenge

Life Happens

Book Addiction

To Use Herbs or Not to Use Herbs?


Studying for Boards

Weekend Class and Birthday Celebration

Functional Endocrinology

Two-Year Milestone

Registration Time

Empathy or Compassion

My Favorite Breakfast For Lazy Mornings: Shakshuka

My Balcony Garden

Acupuncture and Pregnancy

Floral Acupuncture

NUHS Homecoming 2017

Starting to See the Light

Not Such a Long Weekend

TCM or Five Elements?

Farmers Market Season

Another Ending

What makes you a better practitioner?

10 Days in Japan


Surviving a Long Flight


Abdominal Diagnosis and Japanese Acupuncture

Healthy Snacks

Clinic Shifts

Healthy and Sane During Exams

Chinese New Year

Japanese Acupuncture

Back to Books and Knowledge

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Finals

Long Weekend Before Finals

Business Planning and Writing

Natural Support for Fracture Healing


Intern Entrance Exam

Student Debt: Will I Ever Be Able to Repay My Loans?

Homeopathy and Oriental Medicine

Root Causes and Holistic Healing

Blood Stasis and Cupping

Allergies and Cold Season

Working and Studying Full Time

Time to Relax

Hello from Houston

AOM Program 10-Year Anniversary

About Iuliana Lixandru, Oriental Medicine Student Blogger