Dr. Christopher Arick

Christopher Arick, DC, MS, is the assistant dean of the chiropractic medicine program at National University of Health Sciences. He oversees various academic elements of the program, including curriculum development and evaluation along with interactive learning between the Florida and Illinois sites. Previously, he had been on the faculty at the National University of Health Sciences - Florida site since 2012. He received his chiropractic degree from National University in 2005 and practiced for six years in Indiana before teaching.

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How Much Money are Chiropractors Really Making Today and Why

Despite being over a hundred-year-old discipline, chiropractic medicine continues to grow and evolve. Today some of those changes are taking place in practice, and the amount of compensation chiropractic physicians (DCs) are now bringing in as a result.

The latest salary and expense survey from Chiropractic Economics shows that significantly more DCs are choosing to work in multi-disciplinary and integrated settings than in previous years. Depending on what type of setting DCs work in, they may be bringing in significantly more compensation than average.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017